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   Using software







1. The intact wave-form can be showed clearly and steadily on the computer, this is that most of the oscilloscope can't realize.

2. It can test the width of pulse, the length of code, Number of bits, lead code, system code, key code, repeat code, etc.

3. Users can define the methods of decoding by themselves.

4. Save the history notes voluntarily.

5. There are 4 channels for showing the wave-form ,and it's easy to compare for wave-form , each channel can work in one of two modes

6. Support up to 130 kinds of general formats.

7. Support up to 200 kinds of air-condition formats

8. The interface is friendly and beautiful, and you can set the interface what you like.  ---more changes in 2009

9. Waveform is animated.---new in 2009

10. Users can save, review and share the wave-form.

11. Zoom in, Zoom out, showing of average value.

12. Can show  phase as transmitter or receiver.

13. Users can drag the waveform from showing window to favorite box and save it.

14.  Measure time between any two points.

15.  Show result in big character.

16.  Can show definition of format. ---new in 2009

18. Can create referenced waveform.---new in 2009

19. Can show virtual carrier.---new in 2009

20. Can indicate error time on waveform when error occur.---new in 2009

21. Can show data in hexadecimal or decimalist.---new in 2009

22. Virtual tap key, can input key code to other software e.g. WORD, EXCEL.

23. Support Win98, WinMe, WinNT, Win2K, WinXP, Win2003, Vista。

24. Sound clue on

25. It can use to volume-produce when working with <IR Remote Tester - Professional V2.0 >.

26. The receiver YG-920 can use to control PC when working with <PC UltraRemote - Professional V3.0>.



Using software