Getting started



   Using software







1.The  receiver is designed with high-speed 32bits 100Mhz micro-controller and high accurate measuring up to 0.1us. 

2. USB2.0 and RS-232 for data transmit.

3. Support up to 8 seconds sample period.

4. Support up to 1024 bits of commands, receive correctly the commands from TV, VCR, VCD, DVD,  air-condition remote controllers. Etc

6. Receive the signals directly from the remote controller , need not to open the remote controller when testing.

7. Support 38KHz carrier, non-38KHz carrier, no-carrier signals.

8. It can test frequency of carrier.


Carrier 0KHz-120KHz
Carrier frequency range 1.  38KHz far distance: 10m( @ 38KHZcarrier)

2. Non-38K near distance : 5 cm-10cm

3. No carrier: 5cm-10cm

4. Carrier frequency test : 5cm-10cm


Resolving power 0.1us
Float error 1. 38KHz far distance: +/-50us

2. Non-38K near distance : +/-13us

3. No carrier near distance: +/-8us

4. Carrier frequency test : +/-8us

Absoluteness error +/-0.1us
Max. command 1024 bits.
Max. sample time 8 seconds.
Power supply DC9V 200mA
Cubage 12cm*8.5cm*2.0cm