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[Note 2]

Receiving Mode.

a. 38K far distance mode: Use this mode usually, by 38KHz receiver , the distance can reach to 10m.

b. Not 38K near distance mode: By photodiode, can test carrier from 0Hz to 120KHz, the 10cm distance has the best effect.

c. No carrier near distance mode: used to receive the remote control signals without carrier.For example: M708 format, the 10 cm distance has the best effect.

d. Carrier frequency test: In this mode, IRReader can read the waveform of the carrier, like the follow figure:


[Note 2]

Channel work mode:

Stop: In this mode doesn't receive any waveform

Scroll: receives all kinds of wave form , the waveform is showed by scrolling in the channel which has been set to scroll mode . For example .the channel 1.2.3has been set scroll mode, so the signals from the sampler -> channel 3 ->channel 2->channel 1.


[How to setup Custom Format?]

Most of the IR remote controller coding by width of pulse. the "Custom settings" allow users to define the methods of decoding for the unknown formats.

You must create a new method First, then input a name you want.

*Low and High pulses of leader code.
The leader code consists of a low and a high pulse, the low ahead, the high behind, the unit is us, generally more than 100 us, not have to input the unit, for example set 1000 us, it is just ok to input "1000"directly, If no leading code, both are set to "0".

* Low and High pulses of Bit 0/1.
A bit O/1 is also consists of a low and a high pulse, the low ahead, the high behind, the unit is us ,generally, more than 100 us, not have to input the unit ,For example set 1000 us ,it is just OK to input "1000" directly.

*Error range.
Allow some error for time of pulse when decoding, for example low pulse of bit 0  is set "500",high pulse is set "1000" , error is set "200", means when low pulse that between 300us and 700us,high pulse between 800us and 1200us, will be decoded to bit O.


Generally, a frame of signals consists of leader code ,custom code, data ,etc, each of them consists of some bits, they will be showed separately when showing the results of the decode, for example "8,8,8,8",means a controller consists of 8 bits custom code, 8 bits inverse code of custom code. 8 bits data and 8 bits inverse code of data. Each must be more than or equal to 1,less than or equal to 32, divided by ",".

*LSB first
Means that low bit sent first, otherwise high first.

*Ignore error bit 
A frame of signals contain some bit that neither belong to 0 nor 1 sometimes, we must ignore them and go on decoding, for example M50560, there is a separation bit signals, neither belong to O nor 1, if this checkbox has been selected, it can be decoded normally, if don't selected, it will show the wrong information when decoding.








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